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Tubi TV – A Safe and Legal Platform for Free Streaming

Tubi tv

Tubi TV Download – You seldom come across free movie streaming sources that are legal and safe. The types of websites you usually access to view or download content are likely to be flagged by your internet security as risky and suspicious. On the other hand, 99% of free streaming sites allow access to A- Grade record-shattering cinema content originating from illegal and pirated sources.

Whether you like it or not, this is the reality when you want to watch your favourite flicks for free. Is there a legal and safe alternative to enjoy movies and tv shows without payment? Options can be scarce, but you have a couple of alternatives. Here we Focus on one such source, and it is called Tubi TV or simply Tubi.  Yes, it is Free, Legal and Safe for streaming movies and TV shows. 

Tubi TV App Specifications

App NameTubi TV – Movies & TV Shows
Latest Version4.19.2 (APK)
UpdateNovember 25, 2021
PlatformAndroid 7+
Size25.40 MB (Android)
DeveloperTubi TV

TubiTV Latest Version Download

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Get OTT Content on Multiple Devices

Tubi follows the model of the OTT content platform to deliver its services to the users. This streaming facility is ad-supported and is owned by Fox Corporation. Its purpose is to offer viewers an online library of HD movies and TV shows for free. With this service’s help, you will view the latest, popular, and old movies and shows.  You can access Tubi via Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation and the web.

Tubi TV is a versatile service flexible with most platforms in use. You may dive into exciting Tubi content on your mobile on the go. The app covers many genres, including Anime, Horror, Reality, drama, kids, comedy, etc. You are sure to rediscover your passion and taste for cinema here. 

Best Features of Tubi TV

  • Explore a massive library of 35000 free full movies and TV Shows.
  • The platform comprises 100+ local and live news channels, including 250+ entertainment partners. 
  • Experience content from almost all the mainstream Hollywood studios.
  • Watch videos in HD quality for free. There is no need to pay for any subscription, and you don’t even need to register for the service.
  • It is the best place for free and legal direct movie streaming.
  • Go through the categories of diverse collections and rediscover your taste for movies. You will come across fresh, exciting content that will redefine your passion for cinema
  • Possibility to create a private queue to bookmark the kind of movies and shows you want to watch
  • Every Friday Tubi TV database is updated with New HD movies and shows for endless enjoyment. 
  • Shows and episodes are as diverse as Paternity Court and Wendy Williams.
  • Compatible with multiple devices and services such as Chromecast Support and Multi-Device Syncing.

Brief History of Tubi TV

Launched on April 1 2014, Tubi is located in San Francisco, California. This streaming facility has shown prolific growth over the years, and as of January 2021, Tubi TV boasts 33 million active users. Behind Tubi’s success is Farhad Massoudi and Thomas Ahn Hicks, who founded it as a free streaming service. They were able to raise USD 20 million in a round of funding in May 2017.

The company recorded 20 million active monthly users in June 2019, and sometime later in the same year, the users viewed 132million hours of content. Some notable milestones of Tubi include the distribution deal with NBC universal comprising 400 TV episodes and films. The company’s major milestone was the acquisition by Fox Corporation for $440 million. 

The Global Outreach

Tubi TV is directly accessible only for the viewers in countries such as the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. Of course, you can access Tubi TV content with a good VPN and stable internet connection. The company is working on compliance with GDPR to relaunch the service in European Union.

If you are in the UK or other countries in the European Union, you will have to wait unless you use a VPN service. The best thing about Tubi TV when you get access to it is that you can stream even major titles without hidden payments. It will never trick you into paying subscription fees or entering your credit card information. You get content you love without redirections to any secret billing pages when you hit the play button. 

Quality Content with Ad-enabled Streaming

You will also observe that Tubi TV has minimum advertising and does not corrupt the quality of your streaming experience. The advertising practice of Tubi is a moderate one, and you will be barely affected. Unlike some free and legal streaming services that use crappy B Grade Movies and Shows, Tubi TV offers streaming video content from renowned studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, 21st Century Fox etc.

These movie contents are also top-rated by authorities such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. You will be able to access award-winning Movies and Shows completely free. New movies and Fresh episodes are added regularly, and you will never be short of content to watch.

Experience Major Movies and TV Show titles

You can expect new film and TV show content added to the Tubi TV database weekly. It is also possible to request contents that are not available on the platform, and the developers work hard to bring you what your heart craves. Tubi TV hosts some major film titles such as Lion (2016), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Django Unchained (2012), Fight Club (1999), The Karate Kid (1984), Moneyball (2011). Get access to Hollywood leading talents and superstars such as Ryan Reynolds, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Curtis “50 cents”, Russel Crowe, Samuel Jackson, Charlize Theron, Dwayne Johnson, Julia Dreyfus, and many other celebrities you adore. 

Immerse in Cinema Diversity Across Cultures

The exciting rush of entertainment does not end only with Hollywood titles, as Tubi TV is home to Anime collections such as Naruto, Yu-gi-oh, Cowboy Bebop. You can watch Asian content, Korean dramas, Japanese and British TV productions and all these are free and legal to access. Experience the bliss of fast servers as there is no torrent-streaming involved. If there is any minus point, it is only the occasional ads that run while streaming.

However, you can tolerate this as the benefit of streaming for free and safe is higher than the irregular ad pop-ups. The developers behind Tubi TV cultivates a set of sublime values as their work ethic and culture. This incorporates the virtues of prioritizing the team, acting with integrity, Assessing the growth, Attention to the delivery, and owning it for the sake of sharing and distribution. 

Tubi TV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q – Is Tubi free?

A – Yes, this is the most remarkable feature of the service. Everything you find on this platform is free to stream without any hidden charges. You also need not create an account to watch Tubi TV content.

Q – Is Tubi a Safe App?

A – Streaming service Tubi is entirely secure and legal. In contrast to other sites that publish just a few (sometimes questionable) links to a few movies and TV shows. There will be no pop-up advertisements or security warnings, and it will not redirect you to any other site. It is lawful.

Q – How is Tubi Legal?

A – The streaming service is monetized with ads, and the developers pay for the content they get from major studios like Lionsgate, paramount, MGM. The videos are not stolen or pirated ripped versions but come from original and genuine sources

Q – How much does Tubi TV cost?

A – No, Tubi doesn’t have a premium subscription; the developers’ vision is to keep everything free so that all viewers can stream without money, becoming the elephant in the room.

Q – What channels does Tubi TV have?

A – At first, the service was available on Android, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku Platform. The channels on Tubi TV include Fox associated ones, Bloomberg, NBC, PeopleTV, CBC, Weathernation, Fubo Sports Network and Black News.

Final Thoughts

If you ever feel lost, trying to access movies for free and legally, you can always turn to Tubi. It is a free movie and TV show streaming platform Like Movie HD, without any security and legal complications. True, it is ad-based streaming, but you get some major content without working out your bank account or without letting a guilty conscience torment you. Tubi TV is accumulating heaps of media content, severing them from legal ties and liberating them for free public access.

In the process, they have also faced some serious challenges, but the company powered by Fox Corporation is still on the forward march. Film lovers, especially in the European Union, will have to wait until Tubi’s free streaming becomes available soon. Tubi will become available to most other countries and more valuable movie content entirely free in the coming years. We will bring more updates in the time to come. 

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