Fix Movie HD No Connection Retry Error

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Movie HD APK does not install on my Android device, how can I fix it?

Movie HD No Connection Retry Error Fix – Movie HD is a versatile platform that performs on a broad range of devices. Nevertheless, there are instances where users experience installation due some common mistakes. Given below are some suggested solutions.

You need to make sure that following requirements are fulfilled.

movie hd no connection retry error
  • Installation of programs from unknown/google unidentified sources is enabled SETTINGS > SECURITY > CHECK UNKNOWN SOURCES.
  • You have the latest version of Movie HD APK on your device. Click here if you don’t have it.
  • The version of your android device/OS with 4.4(KitKat) or later.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is stable.

Then there are some other issues as stated below


No connection retry error is a complaint from a lot of users who try to stream videos on Movie HD.Users are quite frustrated when they keep receiving this message while trying to view their favorite Movies and TV Shows.

The reason for this error stems from Movie HD server most of the time and your device may not be at fault. We can simply diagnose which party is to blame without performing any serious diagnostic test. Be assured that no hardcore tech knowledge is required for this.

Online there are several posts regarding this error and the ways to fix it. However, almost all the posts keep repeating the use of the MFT installer to resolve the problem.

MFT installer can’t provide a solution to the No Connection error because this is a flaw of the Movie HD server, not your device. Stating MFT installer can resolve it is quite misleading and simply useless information.

  1. Test the Internet Connection of your Android/iOS device (Applies to other platforms as well)

Confirm your internet connection is alive and kicking. How makes sure? It is simple as giving a google search about anything and if results show up as usual, then your connection is up.

Well, you did search for this problem a little ago and you landed here? That means your connection is alive.

However, if you want to reaffirm, just go to google search (the pages load because there is an internet connection, otherwise you will simply receive no internet connection information on your browser window) anything at random. If you get the information you can be sure of its active state.

If you are using WIFI or Cellular data you can turn them off and then again turn them on after some time. If you want to make sure your device hardware has nothing to do with this issue you can completely turn off the devices and then turn on after some time. This will refresh the configurations as you reboot.

Using the Network Diagnostic Tool

If you are willing to dive in a little further you can download a Network Analyzer or Diagnostic app/tool to scan the ins/outs of your device.

Although this requires you to be a bit tech-savvy you can get a comprehensive report on the status of your connection. We recommend Network Analyzer App and Network Utilities.

2.Are You Using the Latest Version of Movie HD APP?

Movie HD app is automatically set to get the latest updates whenever they become available. The old version of Movie HD pops up No connection error sometimes.

If you are using the old version of Movie HD you can update it to the latest version from our links. Click here to get the latest version of Movie HD APK. Check if this resolved the error.

3.Have You Signed in to your Google Account?

Well, this is the most important thing and we should have mentioned it first. Movie HD apk V4.7.3 upwards have the compulsory requirement for the user to sign in with their Google account or the activation code.

Without a Google account, you are unable to watch or download movies. You will receive a “No Connection” error in the videos tab of any Movie or TV show if you have signed in. you must make sure you have checked this before anything.

If all of the above are quite alright then we have to conclude that the problem is with the Movie HD server, and this is something you can’t correct from your end.

You just have to wait until the developers fix it themselves. Movie HD team is efficient in almost everything regarding their platform, and it won’t take much time to watch your favorite stuff.


This post discussed how to fix some issues related to Movie HD app. These are very easy solutions you can follow to get things working. We hope you get the substance of this error fix guide.

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