Movie HD APK V5.1.3 Download for Android Mobiles and Tabs

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movie hd apk

Movie HD APK v5.1.3, Movie HD is the perfect free-to-stream app you can use on your Android device. It comprises an extensive catalog of the latest, trending, and most popular movies and TV shows. The app covers a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, romance, comedy, horror, mystery, war, and so on.

The app can be installed as a third-party APK program without root access on your device. It works perfectly on all Android-based devices such as Android smartphones, tablets, netbooks, Android TV, Fire TV, etc. All movies and shows on Movie HD are available in 720p HD and 1080p FHD resolution. It supports fast streaming with direct servers and contains a low advertising rate. In this post, we will focus on the Movie HD APK 5.1.3 for Android Mobiles and Tabs

Movie HD Apk App Specifications

App NameMovie HD
UpdateJanuary 27, 2022
DeveloperMovie HD™
Size6 MB

Movie HD Apk v5.1.3 Download

High-Quality Videos and Content

Movie HD has a no-nonsense approach to delivering high-quality movie and TV show content as advertised. In contrast to most apps labeled with HD but only allow access to cams or screen rips, Movie HD serves its true purpose. You are also not duped into watching some old B-grade content in HD just for the sake of watching it in HD.

Movie HD gets updated with a new cinema and TV material regularly, so you can always explore and experience fresh stuff. From installing this app to the streaming of your favorite content, every step has been super simplified. You can install the app with only the unknown sources option adjusted. There is no sign-up requirement as you can directly access all the media available.

Movie HD APK 5.1.3’s Outstanding Features

  • Free access to a massive HD 720p and Full HD 1080p movies database.
  • Download movies and TV shows using the Default Download Manager or Advanced Download Manager.
  • User-Friendly and Simple Interface
  • Sort videos by neatly categorizing them.
  • Use content filters to narrow down your searches.
  • Free from geographic restrictions,
  • Use the in-app search engine to locate your exact title within seconds.
  • Install the app without any root requirements.
  • The Favorite option will save your most-loved content. You can create your movie playlist.
  • The History option keeps track of your surfing activity.
  • Subtitles can be searched and downloaded.
  • Wi-Fi sharing and casting facilities are available. 

Easy to Explore and Download

Movie HD is also a handy choice for downloading your favorite movies on your Android mobile. The app has an internal download function and supports third-party tools like Advanced Download Manager. With such resources, you can easily download movies and shows in HD. This is useful when you want to view movies offline.

It’s a program that attempts to cover the multiple needs of streamers while keeping the minimalist interface intact. This allows users to get what they want from the movie app without losing much time figuring out the app itself. After testing many similar apps online, we concluded that Movie HD should be prioritized whenever you switch from a paid app like Netflix or HBO.

Movie HD-An Equalizer to Paid Movie Apps

Only a few free movie apps can equalize subscription-based streaming services. Even such free apps may ask you for a wee bit of money at some point. We have already reviewed such movie apps that have a freemium status. But it is tough to find a free app that can deliver at least half of what paid apps can. In this sense, Movie HD is sublime; you can only realize its superiority by using it firsthand.

Unless you download the APK from a questionable source, the original Movie HD APKs are safe, secure, and will not corrupt your device. The app won’t affect your device’s storage as it is tiny. You are sure to be delighted in diving into the 50000+ movies and shows.

Compatibility and Support

The app is compatible with several third-party video players. However, you need to install AMPlayer to enable streaming via the app. You can download the above player from the Google Playstore. The other players, such as MX Player and VLC Player, are also compatible, and it is possible to switch from one player to another to find which works best.

An enthusiastic team of developers does their best to keep everything sound and smooth. The app has also given birth to a considerable user base that loves Movie HD through thick and thin. You can expect timely updates when using this app, which helps fix bugs and optimize them further.

Movie HD APK Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Movie HD App Safe?

A – Movie HD has been tested with numerous security software for vulnerabilities and has come clean. Nothing in the APK can harm you if you download Movie HD APK from a reliable source.

Q – Is the Movie HD App illegal?

A – Movie HD doesn’t host movies or TV shows on its live servers but functions as an aggregator of linked content from several third-party servers. Streamers are not legally liable for any malpractice other than people who host such content and facilitate distribution. Thus, you are legally liberated.

Q – Is Movie HD Down?

A – No, the movie HD is live and working well. You can download the latest version for Android from below.

Q – Is Movie HD free?

A – Movie HD is free, but there is a hidden charge. There is also no VIP version, unlike some other apps that force users to upgrade at some point.


Movie HD maybe anyone’s dream app considering all the above factors. The app is free and comprehensive. It has all the vital ingredients that a movie addict becomes obsessed with. The app is also not idle in content, as it is regularly updated. From a fundamental perspective, it equalizes most paid apps and big brands out there, even though some additional features are not available.

Free streaming apps can’t expect everything from a free streaming app that disallows aggressive advertising. The latest version for Android is Movie HD APK 5.1.3. You can get reliable links to download the app from our site. 

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