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Why You Need Activation Code?

Movie HD Activation Code – This is a recent development of Movie HD app which had not been earlier present. You know that Movie HD works on multiple frameworks such as Android, IOS, Windows, MAC, Chrome Cast, Android Box, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. As a result of the openness of Movie HD, certain factions attempted to exploit the content and resources of Movie HD service.

movie hd activation code

The content of Movie HD was subject to theft and its servers were manipulated by competitors resulting in downtime. This disruption caused discomfort for all the beneficiaries of the Movie HD platform. No, Movie HD was too adamant to go downhill. And it wanted to thrive despite the attacks from its rivals.

What happened afterwards?

An urgent measure had to be taken. The change was to be at the infrastructure level and the resolution lay in altering how the system accepted entities from outside. That meant the receptivity of the Movie HD platform had to be revised. Replacing the previous “open to all’’ policy, a new regulation was formed requesting users to sign in to the platform.

The new policy asks first time users to sign in using Google Account if they are accessing Movie HD from an Android device. Activation key pertains to other users who access via different platforms. The subject of this post is this ‘Activation Code’ which seems to be confused by some users who are new to Movie HD.

This restrictive policy has done so much good to the Movie app because now unauthorized entities such as bots and scammers are barred from eating away the platform’s resources. If you have not added the activation code in Movie HD you will receive a “No Connection Error” in the videos tab.

How to get Movie HD Activation Code?

Option 1 – Through Facebook

Follow the below three steps and get the code easily.

  1. As usual, sign in to your Facebook account.
  • 3.     Doing this, you will receive a unique activecode from Movie HD developers (Facebook Page) within 24 hours. However, in most cases, you don’t need to wait that much time. Use that code to sign in to Movie HD from your Non-Android device and enjoy it.

Option 2: Using Email

You can send an Email requesting an Activation Code to the email address Movie HD team will review your request and respond to your email with a Code within 24 hours maximum.

In case you don’t use Facebook (which is of course a rarity these days). You can just use the Email to obtain the Activation code for your device.

How to View, Change and Update Activation Code?

If you want to perform the above operations, you can click on the Hamburger looking Menu Icon in the top right corner and choose “Activation Code”

This activation code applies to Fire TV, Firestick, android box, and other devices.

Final Thoughts

The Sign-in and Activation Key procedures are wise measures to keep away the bad kind from the platform. With this feature, Movie HD can verify the identity of the authentic users and authorize access only after the confirmation. This may create a degree of exclusivity in the user perspective and may even appear restrictive.

If you put the benefit of security in perspective and how it can positively impact the end-user of the platform, then you will realize how sound this Activation key requirement is. There is no way Movie HD can allow all the users at once without risking the intrusion of the evil.

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