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Movie HD and AMPlayer – An Essential Combination

Since Movie HD app relies on AMPlayer for video streaming, you need to have the player on your Android device. It is a must-have app without which the Movie app can not play your favourite Movies and TV shows. The platform captures streaming video links and runs them via AMPlayer, and there is no other native player on Movie HD that does this job.

When you start streaming content on Movie HD, you will be prompted to install AMPlayer if you haven’t already done so. The other matter is you can not download Movies or TV shows if you don’t have this video player. Movie HD offers download options via AM Player, and that is another reason why you need it.

In the platform, there is no separate download section where you can directly download content, and this function is only active when Movie HD is playing a particular video through AMPlayer.

Use the AMPlayer for Your Regular Video Playback Needs

This app is a leading free Multimedia player for Android, which is capable of executing all popular video formats on your Smartphone or Tablet. It implements hardware acceleration for faster and smoother HD playback with incomparable ease and comfort.

You can also use it to play your other videos that are not related to Movie HD. The app displays all the media available on your device, and you can open them like you do on VLC or MX player.

Apart from that, you can also use the Network stream option to launch web videos with greater convenience. These are some of the extra facilities of AM Player that you can benefit.

AMPlayer – Directly from the Developers of Movie HD

The creators of Movie HD develop AMPlayer, and it is optimized for playing video content on the platform. The player is stable and gets all the latest updates of bug fixes and enhancements. AM Player is available on Google Play store and many other websites. At present, there is no pro version of this video player, and it is sponsored by advertising.

However, you will not have a bad viewing experience when you use AMPlayer on Movie HD due to Ads. The ad popup rate is limited in this platform, and you will only have to go through a few odd ones. Please remember that you can’t replace AM Player on Movie HD with any other player and you can’t proceed to watch any Movie or TV show on Movie HD without this video player.

You can use the below download links to get reliable AMPlayer APK installers

AMPlayer Download APK

Download Links

AMPlayer APK – 7.9

AMPlayer APK – 7.4

Latest AMPlayer APK (Play Store)

Wrap Up

Now you know the value of AM Player on Movie HD. The Movie HD and AM Player are inseparable. You can use AM Player without Movie HD, but you can’t use Movie HD without AMPlayer. It is supposed that this requirement will not be there for future versions of Movie HD. It will benefit users who don’t prefer AM Player but other Advanced programs like MX Player or VLC Player. However, for now, you have to depend on AM Player if you are going to use Movie HD

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